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The Best Gifts for Men Who Love Cars

Clearly the best gift to get a man who loves automobiles is a car, however that may not be within everyone’s budget. If you can’t afford to buy your car lover a new Mercedes, we have some other ideas that may put a smile on his face anyway (just not as big). Whether it is his birthday or your anniversary, score big with the gifts listed below.

Wi-Fi Dashcam

These helpful accessories can be a great tool when you catch an accident on film but they can also be fun to make videos on while you drive, or record cool stuff on the road. A Wi-Fi capable camera is ideal when you want to share on social media. Some models even come with quick access record buttons that can be mounted on the steering wheel for easy recording.

For the Lego Lover

For the man who is a fan of both Legos and cars, you can score points when you get him Lego’s recently added Caterham sports car. This particular car is impressive in real life with the ability to go from 0-60 mph in less than three seconds. The Lego Caterham is also on the affordable end of their car series, which is a plus.

Driving Gloves

Anyone who has a vintage car or wants to protect their steering wheel from oils and dirt on their hands needs a good pair of driving gloves. Opt for something classic in black, brown, or navy leather, but be sure they are perforated for breathability. There are a variety of options and you can find something for every budget out there.

Car Care

No matter what kind of car your man owns, gifting him a complete car care kit is both thoughtful and useful at the same time. Choose a kit that comes with care products for both the inside and outside of his car. Look for products that will treat the types of materials in his car, for example if there is leather versus vinyl, and make sure there is carpet care included as well.

The Trip of a Lifetime

This last option is kind of the holy grail of car lover gifts and I promise you will earn major points if you pull this one off. For the man who deserves the best, take him to Las Vegas for a one of a kind exotic car racing experience. There are a variety of packages, but at the lowest price point alone you have the choice of five supercars that you are allowed to drive for five whole laps around the Las Vegas Speedway’s course.

Wild Card Gift

Maybe your man loves cars but you get him something car related every year, for every holiday. Does that sound familiar? If it does, I have a great option for a new kind of gift this year. Order him a big box of freshly dipped berries from Shari’s Berries and he will definitely thank you. He may not admit it at first but most men love chocolate dipped strawberries as much as women and he will be thrilled to have such a treat without feeling guilty for eating yours.

A Party Bus for His Party

When my husband was asked to be the best man in his buddy’s wedding, I knew that he was in for a fun ride. His friend can get pretty wild, so my only concern was the bachelor party that my husband would be organizing. I trust him without any doubts at all, but I was concerned about the others. I told him I would stay out of things, but I did ask him if he would look into a party bus rental in Toronto. I figured it would be a lot safer for everyone involved.

Knowing the gang that will be involved with the bachelor party, I knew that they would probably go to a few different bars and lounges. They have friends at a lot of them, so I knew they would want to make appearances at them. Continue reading

Promos for Cheap Wedding Limo Rentals

I can’t believe it is finally happening to me, but I am going to be getting married. I guess it is better that things did not work out between me and the last girl that I was engaged to marry, because this time around I met a girl that is much better suited to me. She is wonderful in so many ways and I feel so lucky. I am trying to find a good deal on a wedding limo because I would like for our wedding to be really something to remember. I know that this is the only time I am going to get married in my life, and so I want it to be a very special day. Of course, it is going to be special in an of itself, because I am getting married to such a wonderful girl, but

I want it to be over the top, and just amazing in every way possible. Continue reading

U Haul Rents More Than Just Moving Trucks

I have a landscaping business that was going along well. I was making a profit and paying off the equipment I bought to get started. I only had one trailer to haul my mowers and other equipment. I was being careful biding my time to get another one, even a used one, as a backup. Then I had a wheel bearing freeze up and burn the axle. It was going to be in the shop for a couple of days. I thought I would have to reschedule work, but my wife suggested I get a U Haul rental instead.

U haul has more than just trucks for moving. They also have closed box trailers and open utility trailers like the one I owned. Continue reading

Easy Transportation for Our Wedding Next Year

I am getting married next year, and I cannot wait. There are some who think that my fiance and I should not wait if we are so anxious, but I think that it is important to do what we want, which is to have a summer wedding outdoors. This also gives us time to plan the perfect wedding and spend more time together before we actually start living with one another. Since we are having a church wedding but an outdoor reception, I am going to get a wedding party bus in Toronto to transport our small group between the two locations.

There are only 100 people who are going to be with us celebrating our special day. Continue reading

Working on This Old Car My Uncle Gave Me

My Dad and I have just gotten started working on this old car my uncle gave me. It was a police car and about seven years ago he bought it surplus at a city auction in this little town about an hour’s drive South of here. Obviously it has a lot of miles on it and about nine months ago the engine seized up on it and my uncle did not think it was worth fixing it. I have been looking at this site called which is a place where you can find different prices on used engines. I need to figure out if it is going to be possible for me to fix it up with the money I have saved up. In fact I was originally planning to simply scrap this car. Continue reading

Volvo Washing Nozzles

The nozzle in cars serves more than just a decorative accessory for the windshield areas. The automobile’s nozzles need to be fixated and angled well to be able to shoot out the cleaning liquid properly onto the windshield. The washing system is designed by automobile manufacturers to clean out the windshield of the unwanted debris that may be in the driver’s scope of view.

The cleaning liquid is contained in a specific reservoir usually near the washing pump. The motorized pump then pressures the fluid through the hoses to squirt the water into the windshield. The washing nozzle enhances the capability of the whole cleaning system with its shape and size. To make the washing pump burst out more of the fluid, the hoses and nozzles are usually designed small. Not going with this trend with other automobiles, Volvo washing nozzles improve the washing pressure better with its clever architecture.

Volvo washing nozzle is more than just a luxury for cars. It is also a must-have commonly for buses that need powerful cleaning systems. The Volvo washing nozzle can improve the power and performance of the entire cleansing system by being fixated on a good angle. Just like in garden pressure pumps, the automobile nozzles play a key role in strengthening the power of the fluid it shoots out onto the windshield. They easily clean up the dirt and other debris that may scatter across the windshield with the help of the entire washing system.

Having an easy method of cleaning away the dirt is a convenience for many drivers especially for those who take their automobiles to many different places for vacation, or for public transportation. Many drivers are relieved from the hassle of going through a car wash when their range of sight is clear enough to take their passengers wherever.

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Reliable O’ Reilly Wheel Hub

The wheel hub is another important part of your car that you need to make sure is always in good condition. The wheel hub can be found at the center of the wheel. This part is connected on the driving axle and directly interconnected with the brake disk. A wheel hub is a very significant and reliable part of a vehicle. These parts are designed to withstand extreme loads, especially when they car is in motion. The only way a wheel hub can be damaged is due to mechanical damage, such as an accident. High quality O’ Reilly wheel hubs are designed from forged steel. This makes them much stronger, and that is why they are used for the driving axle.

It is only in rare cases that you will find that you need to replace your wheel hub, mainly after an accident. Also, you may find that you need to replace it due to a defect of the part. If the wheel hub even gets a minor damage, it needs to be replaced as quickly as possible. A small damage to the wheel hub may lead to serious damage or breakdown. A damaged wheel hub can cause the wheel to fall off as you are driving your car, so it is important to ensure that is always in good condition.

The vehicle can become uncontrollable if there is a problem with the wheel hub. It is important that you always have a check up to ensure its reliability. The process of fixing or replacing a wheel hub requires professional help so that you ensure your car will be in good condition. To ensure high quality, you need to look for the best kind of O’ Reilly wheel hub from various services centers. It is always ideal to get professional help before you decide to buy any kind of spare part for your vehicle.

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