The Best Gifts for Men Who Love Cars

Clearly the best gift to get a man who loves automobiles is a car, however that may not be within everyone’s budget. If you can’t afford to buy your car lover a new Mercedes, we have some other ideas that may put a smile on his face anyway (just not as big). Whether it is his birthday or your anniversary, score big with the gifts listed below.

Wi-Fi Dashcam

These helpful accessories can be a great tool when you catch an accident on film but they can also be fun to make videos on while you drive, or record cool stuff on the road. A Wi-Fi capable camera is ideal when you want to share on social media. Some models even come with quick access record buttons that can be mounted on the steering wheel for easy recording.

For the Lego Lover

For the man who is a fan of both Legos and cars, you can score points when you get him Lego’s recently added Caterham sports car. This particular car is impressive in real life with the ability to go from 0-60 mph in less than three seconds. The Lego Caterham is also on the affordable end of their car series, which is a plus.

Driving Gloves

Anyone who has a vintage car or wants to protect their steering wheel from oils and dirt on their hands needs a good pair of driving gloves. Opt for something classic in black, brown, or navy leather, but be sure they are perforated for breathability. There are a variety of options and you can find something for every budget out there.

Car Care

No matter what kind of car your man owns, gifting him a complete car care kit is both thoughtful and useful at the same time. Choose a kit that comes with care products for both the inside and outside of his car. Look for products that will treat the types of materials in his car, for example if there is leather versus vinyl, and make sure there is carpet care included as well.

The Trip of a Lifetime

This last option is kind of the holy grail of car lover gifts and I promise you will earn major points if you pull this one off. For the man who deserves the best, take him to Las Vegas for a one of a kind exotic car racing experience. There are a variety of packages, but at the lowest price point alone you have the choice of five supercars that you are allowed to drive for five whole laps around the Las Vegas Speedway’s course.

Wild Card Gift

Maybe your man loves cars but you get him something car related every year, for every holiday. Does that sound familiar? If it does, I have a great option for a new kind of gift this year. Order him a big box of freshly dipped berries from Shari’s Berries and he will definitely thank you. He may not admit it at first but most men love chocolate dipped strawberries as much as women and he will be thrilled to have such a treat without feeling guilty for eating yours.

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